29 September 2009

Three Beautiful Things

I am taking a cue from Donna and Sarah on this one and giving it a try.

Three Beautiful Things:

1. The puppies at Drew's house. We played with them on Sunday. Oddly enough, puppies smell good too.

2. My new car! Thank God for keeping my wife safe in her accident, and for helping us find such a great new ride.

3. Kids at church. We had such a good time on Saturday night with our Rules of the Road kids event and drive-in. These kids are always a blessing to me, and an enormous source of laughter. (We had hot dogs for dinner Saturday and Eli lifted his out of the bun and high into the air and started shouting, "Hey everyone! Look at my wiener!" When told it is called a hot dog, he looked directly at the individual and matter-of-factly stated, "No. It's a wiener.")

1 comment:

SmallWorld at Home said...

As Duncan says pretty much every week, "Eli is an AWESOME kid!"