29 September 2009

Three Manly Things

I will continue to write three beautiful things on my blog, but to balance it out, I will also include three manly things.

Three manly things:

1. Pipe tobacco. Not just any tobacco, but tobacco you harvested yourself from the farmlands of Central America.

2. Having your own mating call. Powerful and mighty, it can split the clouds and separate the hydrogen from the oxygen in your drinking water.

3. Having a hot wife. (See #2) I love you Gina.

The next installment is coming soon!


SmallWorld at Home said...

Now this--THIS is surely going to circulate around blogworld like wildfire! Male bloggers everywhere will be thinking in terms of "3 Manly Things" throughout their days!

Sam said...

I thought it would be funny. It would be really cool if it did take off.